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Wrongful Death

A wrongful death lawsuit provides the families of people tragically killed in an accident with monetary compensation to pay for medical bills, lost wages, emotional damages, and lost future earning capacities. It also brings responsible parties to justice. The Massachusetts Wrongful Death statute provides compensation for the surviving family members of a person killed by another’s negligence. Damages include both economic and non-economic damages. If such an unthinkable tragedy has resulted in a loss of your loved one, we will immediately take steps to protect your family’s rights and bring justice to those responsible.

Demand Justice for the Loss of a Loved One

When a family member is the victim of a fatal accident caused by someone else’s negligence, seek accountability by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. These claims attempt to compensate families for their financial losses and the medical costs associated with the death of a loved one. If you have lost a family member in a fatal accident, contact Attorney Marc E. Chapdelaine.

A wrongful death lawsuit is a way for a family to cope with the unexpected death of a loved one. These claims seek monetary damages for lost wages, pain and suffering, mental anguish, the loss of a relationship, and lost future earning capacity. The Chapdelaine Law Office concentrates on obtaining proper and just compensation for families.

The death of a loved one can result from a variety of accidents. Since 2005, Attorney Chapdelaine has helped families get justice for the loss of their loved one. Whether due to nursing home abuse or a catastrophic accident, Attorney Chapdelaine has helped families receive the compensation they deserve for the loss of their loved one.

Not every case results in a right to file a wrongful death lawsuit. The right to file a claim varies from state to state.

Generally, parents, spouses, and children have that right. At the Chapdelaine Law Office, Attorney Marc Chapdelaine will personally inform you about your right to file a claim for the loss of a loved one. It is important in any lawsuit to hire a lawyer soon after the accident. In order to preserve evidence and document witnesses’ statements, you need to speak to an experienced trial lawyer as soon as possible. You also need to understand that a personal injury claim survives the death of a family member.

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